IHHT respiratory tracts / infections

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The treatment of respiratory problems and infections at REVISALUT® in Vienna

During the high-tech breathing training, you will alternately receive oxygen-reduced a nd oxygen-enriched air through a breathing mask, a total of six to seven times in the course of the 55-minute session. Thus your respiratory performance is improved, your immune system stimulated and the regeneration of your blood boosted. After about 10 IHHT treatments, measurable health results for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems can be recorded, as the organism learns to use its forces more economically and to mobilize new ones

The effects of IHHT after 10 sessions

The 'health effects' of IHHT are manifold, especially with people with increased susceptibility to infections in the bronchial chest, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, COPD, chronic or allergic rhinitis, sinusitis or even with narrowed respiratory tracts:

  • More oxygen can be absorbed
  • The breathing performance is improved
  • Severe asthma attacks occur less often or no longer
  • The perfusion of the lungs is improved
  • The IHHT treatment has an antispasmodic and strongly mucolytic effect
  • The natural defenses are activated, there are significantly fewer colds, cases of influenza and other respiratory infections
  • The physical and mental resilience increases
  • The general well-being improves

This results in positive effects such as:

  • Relief when walking quickly and climbing stairs
  • Fewer problems with shortness of breath, the breathing performance is improved
  • Lower blood pressure, heart, brain, lungs, liver and muscles are better supplied with blood, the heart is given a rest
  • The level of blood sugar drops, the level of blood lipids decreases
  • Sleep becomes more restful and the mood improves.

IHHT thus improves health, increases the physic al fitness and raises the performance and the power of resistance.


REVISALUT® for the treatment of respiratory problems and infections in Vienna