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Plasmapehresis, INUSpheresis®, Enviromental Pheresis®, Neuropheresis® or VAD Apheresis® in Vienna

INUSpheresis is a special plasmapheresis with a unique and currently scientifically best studied plasma filter.

This filter removes not only a large number of environmental toxins, but also most of the immune complexes that are formed in the course of various rheumatic diseases and Long Covid.

INUSpheresis® is a biophysical method of elimination. It has been used in the course of lipidpheresis in medicine for many years. INUSpheresis® is based on thermodynamics and is performed in the closed blood circulation system.

INUS for contemporary diseases and in environmental medicine

INUS has developed a special device for INUSpheresis®, the IN 300, which is used for applications in chronic diseases and in environmental medicine. During the procedure, there is no plasma exchange, therefore electrolytes and antibodies remain almost unchanged. INUSpheresis® is used for plasma purification in a closed system. The treatment is used for chronic as well as acute autoimmune diseases and in environmental medicine.


Gentle procedure for plasma purification

INUSpheresis® is a gentle application in which harmful elements of the plasma are filtered out, and the plasma itself is returned into the body. Substances filtered out include cholesterol and other lipids, harmful proteins, environmental toxins that are fat-soluble or bound to protein, pathogenic (bound) antibodies and inflammatory substances, and infection toxins. The natural balance can be restored. Prim. Dr. med. Sascha Sajer is your partner for INUSpheresis® in Vienna. The specialist is happy to answer your questions. Call us and make your appointment.

A milestone of innovative high-tech medicine

In this age of massively increasing toxic stress, regulation is the basis of every therapy.

The INUSpherese® is one of the most powerful ways of cause research and cause therapy.

With INUSpheresis®/blood washing we achieve several goals at the same time: We specifically wash out environmental toxins from the blood that trigger disease and inflammation. In addition, we reduce inflammatory mediators such as CRP or TNF-a by INUSpheresis®. We also filter out malformed autoimmune antibodies. For the rapidly increasing phenomena of autoimmune diseases worldwide, we specifically remove their triggering factors and their pathogenic reaction substances.

The benefits of INUSpheresis® are most obvious in the case of autoimmune, inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and polyneuropathy. Here, burdensome circulating immune complexes are reduced. Many rheumatism patients notice significant improvements in their mobility and a marked reduction in pain after just one INUSpheresis®.

In the case of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), insofar as it is caused by latent chronic inflammation, it is also often possible to experience the significance of the causes of inflammation, which are washed out with INUSpheresis®.

In addition, INUSpheresis® has been proven to decisively improve blood flow in the arterioles and capillaries, i.e. the smallest terminal branches of the arteries.

For example, the eyes in particular benefit from this in macular and retinal diseases, as do the kidneys, brain and heart.

The "Intelligent Membrane"

INUSpheresis® is not dialysis! The procedure used does not specifically remove urinary substances but a multitude of stressing factors.  For this purpose, INUSpheresis® uses intelligent filters which are able to remove malformed autoimmune antibodies, inflammatory mediators, environmental toxins, virus particles, etc. from the body in a targeted manner.

Their particular benefit is proving to be in the very rapidly increasing autoimmune diseases and environmental stresses, where INUSpheresis® can often provide decisive help. The special ability to remove malformed autoimmune antibodies (e.g. rheumatism, Hashimoto's disease, polyneuropathy, etc.), inflammation-causing agents and disease-causing environmental toxins from the blood is the particular strength of INUSpheresis®.

INUSpheresis® has proven itself in more than 25,000 applications. We see our task in restoring the body to its natural regulatory capacity and functional efficiency. INUSpheresis® is essential for us and an indispensable part of our cause therapy.