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The measurement of your heart rate variability in Vienna at REVISALUT®

The vegetative nervous system

In addition to the central nervous system, it is the body's second major control unit. It regulates all unconscious processes from regulating the body temperature to digestion. Two main nerves play an essential role: the sympathetic and the parasympathetic. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible when you are awake. It is the accelerator pedal for accelerating the body's rhythms and for regulating the organs during physical exertion. In doing so, energy is consumed because the body is being adjusted to high performance. The parasympathetic nervous system acts as a brake for slowing down and for recovering body functions and for regulating the organs during physical rest. Energy is built up, regenerative processes are initiated and self-healing processes are activated.

Vegetative dysfunction - measurable by analyzing the heart rate variability HRV

The 24-hour heart rate variability analysis illustrates the state of your vegetative nervous system. It provides information about your stress level, sleep quality, ability to regulate and regenerate as well as your performance potential and burnout risk. In healthy people, the heart, as a high-tech instrument, reacts continuously to external and internal signals with finely tuned changes in the heartbeat sequence. These variations are controlled by our internal clock, breathing, emotions and external influences. This phenomenon is called the heart rate variability.

Due to a permanently unbalanced regulation of the vegetative nervous system certain diseases can develop:

  • High blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes
  • Pain, circulatory disorders, digestive problems
  • Frequent infections
  • Unfulfilled wish to have children or erectile dysfunction
  • Lack of concentration, forgetfulness

HRV makes a fast and scientifically approved screening method available to measure the condition of your vegetative nervous system and to initiate effective, counteractive therapies in case of disorders and to document the success of the therapy.


REVISALUT® in Vienna for measuring your heart rate variability