REVISALUT® Center for Functional Medicine in Vienna

In the REVISALUT® center in 1190 Vienna, our experts offer state-of-the-art - i.e. based on the current state of knowledge - preventive, regenerative and regulative medicine for building up new energy.



They range from rehabilitation for Long Covid-19 to susceptibility to infection, from concentration disorders to burnout or problems with your respiratory tracts



Using modern laboratory methods, we analyze your blood, uncover damage to the mitochondria or a disturbed balance of your vegetative nervous system



Important therapies comprise IHHT for regenerating the mitochondria, our Post / Long Covid-19 module, the restoration of your intestinal health as well as pain therapies

IHHT Medical

IHHT Medical

By applying IHHT we treat diseases of the respiratory tract as well as of the heart and metabolism or chronic Lyme disease and thus strengthen your immune system


Workplace health promotion & partners

For workplace health promotion, we offer our diagnostic options and our health modules as well as coaching for stress management

REVISALUT® - resilience, vitality and salutogenesis, the development and maintenance of health

With the exclusive REVISALUT® health concept, we provide you with the best possible support, both in diagnosis and therapy in order to reactivate and restore the self-regulation, regenerative power and performance of your organism. This concept can positively affect your condition after a Covid-19 infection or with a Long Covid-19 syndrome but also when your performance generally declines, when you suffer from the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS as well as when you show chronic, degenerative and stress-induced symptoms.

The mitochondrion in the REVISALUT® logo ...

... represents the power plants of our cells with their important function, namely the production of ATP, the universal energy carrier for all cells. Since a disturbed energy production has far-reaching effects on numerous functions of the body, the regeneration of the mitochondria is an essential component in our concept.

You are the focus

Our team accompanies you with personal, competent care, medical services at the highest level and cutting-edge technologies on the way to better health, more balance and vitality. Use our services in a relaxed atmosphere and with an impressive view of Vienna.


To make an initial appointment, you can reach us on +4319682728, but you can also use our contact form to state your complaints


Maintaining health in Vienna, the concept of REVISALUT®