A genetic analysis provides information on what to pay attention to in everyday life


From intestinal health to hormone analyses disorders are shown

Whole blood analysis

The detection of deficiencies, especially of minerals stored in cells


A reduced heart rate variability indicates disorders in the vegetative nervous system

Mitochondrial function

The power plants of the cells whose dysfunction can trigger diseases

The complex interrelationship of examinations

Since the organism, on the one hand, reacts as sensitively as an isolated biotope in nature and, on the other hand, is a highly specialized chemical plant, the innumerable processes that run continuously can easily be disturbed. A single examination is therefore not sufficient in many cases as nearly everything interacts. For many complaints no exact individual cause can be named as there are several possibilities which can trigger them. Only by careful examinations, in which we use the most advanced technology, can an absolutely certain diagnosis be made and a therapy tailored to it selected.


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