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Indications in Vienna - REVISALUT®

With the perfectly coordinated diagnostic and treatment modules of the REVISALUT® health concept, our experts actively support you in maintaining or restoring your health and performance.



At present a very important topic for us is the treatment and improvement of your condition after a Covid-19 infection, but above all your rehabilitation if you are one of those people affected by Long Covid-19.

Prevent in good time

With our health modules we can act against a weakening of your immune system but also against a chronic susceptibility to infection. Our preventive procedures also include healthy aging strategies because by slowing down the aging process, by targeted cell training and rejuvenation and repair of the mitochondria both poor performance and diseases can be averted.

Further specialties

We can help you in case of a deficiency of your mental or physical condition ranging from states of exhaustion to migraine or depression s. Our health modules improve your well-being even in chronic processes, for example, anemia, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis or chronic borreliosis. The large areas of respiratory diseases as well as your cardiac metabolic system are too comprehensive to be discussed in this overview. Your skin is also one of our specialties, both in wound healing and in allergies or neurodermatitis. We accelerate your orthopedic rehabilitation after illnesses, surgical interventions and injuries and take action against rheumatoid arthritis and back pain.


In this overview we have, of course, presented only the essential areas as you will find more detailed information on the following pages.

REVISALUT® in Vienna - the indications