Post / Long-Covid

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Post / Long COVID-19 rehabilitation in Vienna at REVISALUT®

Many patients have experienced a severe course of the Covid-19 infection and suffer from long-term consequences beyond the acute phase of the disease. These require further medical treatment and rehabilitation. The long-term consequences can also occur with a mild course of disease and even with an infection that proceeds without any signs of a disease and that has been detected accidentally in a test.

Typical symptoms and complaints are:

Impaired breathing and shortness of breath, general loss of power, tiredness and listlessness, weight loss, pain and severe psychic stress.

Help through the REVISALUT® Post and Long COVID-19 module

The aim is to increase vitality, to increase the energy level, to promote health and to improve wellbeing. The diagnostic and therapeutic components of our concept enable us to recognize physical and psychic deficits and to treat them individually. This leads to the return of accustomed power and strength as well as to an increase in performance and quality of life.

The REVISALUT® diagnostic and treatment modules for a COVID-19 rehabilitation are:

  • Specialist diagnostics and care
  • Innovative IHHT cutting-edge technologies for training the heart, lungs and cells
  • Mental coaching


REVISALUT® for post / long COVID-19 rehabilitation in Vienna