Mental Health

Revisalut GmbH

REVISALUT® in Vienna and your way to Mental Health

We understand the mental health component to be active stress management, burnout prevention, coaching and psychotherapy. Our goals are to preserve your mental and physical resources, your ability to work and the prevention or therapy of states of exhaustion. Our mental health modules and coordinated REVISALUT modules such as IHHT and infusions pave the way to psychological stability and resilience.

Your new start of body, mind and soul:

  • Leaving the exhaustion spiral
  • Preservation of performance and vitality
  • Maintaining the ability to concentrate, distancing yourself from work
  • Learning of concentrated serenity
  • Reduction of stress-related complaints such as headaches, tension, sleep disorders, high blood pressure or irritable bowel syndrome
  • Deep, restful sleep for daily regeneration

To achieve these goals we offer 3 modules:

Modul 1: Resource Check

With the help of a 24-hour heart rate variability measurement, the current stress as well as the individual regeneration ability during sleep is recorded. The results are discussed in a subsequent analysis meeting.

Modul 2: Resources check and regeneration training

This module is expanded by coaching and biofeedback training. Biofeedback is considered the autogenic training of the 21st century and helps to find the right access to the body. The regulation and regeneration of the vegetative nervous system through one's own breathing is made conscious and is promoted, which leads to an increase in the ability to recover and to more inner peace.

Modul 3: Resilience training

In this training coaching is expanded so that you learn to consciously use and influence unconscious body functions. Thus your performance, your ability to regenerate and your stress tolerance will be strengthened and stress-related complaints will be reduced.