Nutritional Coaching

Revisalut GmbH

Nutritional Coaching at Revisalut in Vienna 

Our approach focuses on how food can act as a healing agent. We take into account your individual goals, health needs and food intolerances to develop a nutritional strategy that supports your health.

Depending on your symptoms and diagnosis, we work together to develop a clear roadmap for you based on the principles of functional medicine. For example, we accompany you with a short-term elimination diet, the mitochondrial or also the detox diet, in optimal support by targeted nutritional supplements.

In addition to nutrition, lifestyle factors also play an important role in your health. We are happy to support you in making adjustments in the areas of exercise, sleep, stress management and more to enhance your well-being and address your health needs in a multidisciplinary and sustainable way.

Our support begins with the initial coaching and we will be with you throughout your journey to a better health. Regular reviews, adjustments and support are at the heart of our care.