Orthomolecular medicine and infusion therapies

Health and quality of life with vitamins, micronutrients, minerals, hormones, enzymes and amino acids


INUSpheresis is a special plasmapheresis with a unique and currently scientifically best studied plasma filter.

Nutritional Coaching

Our approach focuses on how food can act as a healing agent. We take into account your individual goals, health needs and food intolerances to develop a nutritional strategy that supports your health.

Mental Health

24-hour heart rate variability measurement, coaching and psychotherapy to prevent or treat states of exhaustion such as burnout or CFS

IHHT for cell and mitochondria regeneration

Regeneration of the mitochondria, the power plants of the cells, and regulation of the vegetative nervous system (VNS)


The basis of SOMM technology (Sensory-Oscillating-Multi-Modulation) is a real-time synchronized, finely tuned effect of eight components on our body and our psyche.

Pain therapy

This covers all therapeutic classical measures that help reduce pain, for example chiropractic, acupuncture and kinetic therapies.

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Health therapies in Vienna at REVISALUT®

Our treatment modules

The REVISALUT® concept consists of multimodal treatment modules. The aim is that they act together to increase your energy level, increase your resilience and improve your performance. The concept consists of various components which are applied individually according to your complaints and goals.

REVISALUT® for health therapies in Vienna