IHHT heart metabolism

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REVISALUT® for your heart metabolism in Vienna

In order to improve your cardiac output and your heart metabolism, many factors play together that are positively influenced by IHHT.

The individual coordination

After careful diagnostics it is essential for a targeted therapy to consider your personal status. Your status relates to your age and the ratio of your height to weight, but also to your physical condition. Your living conditions, your diet and the quality of your sleep have an impact, too. All this information helps us to tailor your IHHT therapy to you.

Your body's response to IHHT

Your cell metabolism - also in the heart - improves as the absorption, transport and utilization of oxygen are positively influenced. By increasing the use of oxygen, your condition also improves. As a result, your cardiac work is economized so that the resting heart rate drops and the blood pressure normalizes. At the same time, the metabolism for fat, insulin and blood sugar is influenced, which helps reduce your body weight and further relieves your heart.


Therapy for your heart metabolism in Vienna at REVISALUT®