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Your genetic examination in Vienna at REVISALUT®

With the help of genetic analysis, we will show you what you should pay particular attention to in daily life. Based on the results, an individual prevention program, which has been designed for you exclusively, will be developed. Thus you can significantly reduce your personal risks of diseases and stay healthy and active for a long time. Though genetic factors do not yet cause diseases they do increase the risks. The environment and lifestyle then determine whether a disease breaks out or not.

The different gene marker sets

Individual Healthy Aging

Stress, metabolism and bone health: the basis for any prevention program with recommendations for micronutrient supply and lifestyle

Individual Weight Control (healthy weight control)

When you are overweight the markers show your genetic traits whether you better metabolize carbohydrates or fat, whether you are a hunger or satiety genotype or a snack or yo-yo genotype : We can tell you how to achieve the target weight with your genetic status and how to keep it with an individual diet plan.

Individual Sport Control

Muscle structure and talent, oxygen intake and the ability to break down free radicals, inflammatory reactions and the risk of injury: you will receive a strategic plan for your athletic career, for training, regeneration, nutrition, calorie distribution and food supplements.

REVISALUT® for your genetic examination in Vienna