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REVISALUT® in Vienna - the workplace health promotion and the partners

In order to support workplace health promotion, we cooperate with international specialist societies and universities. We concentrate on the areas of IHHT (Interval Hypoxic Hyperoxic Training), heart rate variability HRV, the vegetative nervous system, autonomous functional diagnostics and regulatory medicine.

Our offers for companies

We offer both the examinations for diagnostics as well as the health components of our concept, which provide vitalization and increased performance. We consider the prevention of exhaustion and the burnout syndrome to be just as important. Our coaching is linked to this concept, it covers, for example, stress management as well as psychotherapy by which mental strength is additionally improved. Further elements are our multimodal sports medical care as well as our alpine and altitude medical advice and the associated training.

The interaction of many factors

In all examinations and health modules, we, of course, take into account the differences in stress and expectations. The effects of working hours on a shift worker are different from the handling of stress with an apprentice. That is why the psychic components must never be disregarded.


Workplace health promotion & partners- REVISALUT® in Vienna

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