IHHT Medical

IHHT Burnout

Since breathing training increases performance, shortens the necessary recovery time, improves sleep quality and lifts mood, it reduces the persistent feeling of exhaustion in both burnout and CFS.

IHHT respiratory tracts / infections

With frequently occurring infects or with chronic bronchitis, COPD, allergic head colds or asthma
IHHT improves the immune system, relaxes the respiratory tracts and thereby expands them and has a mucolytic effect.

IHHT heart metabolism

The increased accumulation of red blood cells improves the transport of oxygen, which at the same time is utilized much better. As a result, the blood pressure drops and the pulse at rest normalizes because of the improved use of oxygen.

IHHT Lyme disease

An undetected and therefore chronic borreliosis can be effectively combated by an IHHT therapy. Since the pathogens are sensitive to oxygen, they can be lured out of their refugium and killed by an increased supply of oxygen.

The improvement of health and physical fitness in Vienna at REVISALUT®

IHHT, the Interval Hypoxic Hyperoxic Training, also works with completely healthy people, but it has proven itself as a therapy for numerous diseases. Here a few of them are listed.


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